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Gold has been favored and fought over by humans for thousands of years. With scarce supply and unwavering demand, the unmistakable precious metal has remained central to man’s concept of money and the preservation of wealth.

More recently, gold proved its mettle in times of financial distress during the 2008 financial crisis, as it doubled in value in the years thereafter.

Despite gold's initial sell-off in the wake of coronavirus fears, if history is to be a guide then the precious metal is poised for significant growth given the immense increase in money supply by global reserve banks (at this stage $2 trillion in the US alone) in an effort to buoy consumer demand.

Meanwhile, the blockchain evolution has enabled our latest innovation.

Introducing the Invictus Gold Plus Fund

Invictus Capital presents our latest fund - the Invictus Gold Plus Fund - an open-ended fund that tracks the underlying gold price and earns an additional yield on your investment. The fund’s objective is to outperform gold as a long-term benchmark.

The Fund will be held predominantly in gold-backed tokens, namely Tether Gold (XAUT) and PAX Gold (PAXG), with a small portion invested in our Margin Lending Fund (IML) for 24/7 liquidity purposes.

The targeted outperformance will be accomplished by taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities and utilizing our proprietary software to margin lend the underlying tokens on platforms such as Bitfinex, expanding on the success and experience gained from operation of our IML fund. For reference, margin lending rates on Tether Gold haved spiked into the double digits in terms of annualized returns (25% APR as of 26/3/2020) due to the recent surge in trading activity.

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