Quarterly Report Q2 2021

The Invictus Capital suite of funds has continued to offer investors exceptional returns in Q2 2021. On top of commendable fund performance, we’ve continued to rapidly expand our business and roll out innovative features for our Investor Platform. We are incredibly proud to present our quarterly report that includes comprehensive macroeconomic and crypto market analysis, fund-specific commentary and detailed company updates.

  • Invictus Hyperion Fund (IHF) showed incredible performance with an 89.92% increase.
  • Crypto 10 Hedged (C10) successfully limited loss during the crypto market correction with an increase of 4.99%.
  • Invictus Margin Lending (IML) continued to post steady returns, achieving an annualized return of 15.42%.
  • Invictus Gold Plus (IGP) outperformed the Gold benchmark with returns of 4.86%.
  • Our alternative investment fund Emerging Markets Solar (EMS) showed boosted returns of 4.16%.

The simple average return across all Invictus funds is 9.85% for the quarter, which is equivalent to 45.61% annualized.